Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Movie Divergent

So I saw Divergent on Friday and let me just complain about something for a minute! I had gone to Target and bought the book version (again) so I could get the little $8 off coupon to see the movie. I was all happy since I spent under $3 to see the movie (WOW!). On Friday I went 10 minutes before it was to start, I hand in my ticket that I printed off online, and went into the movie. And guess what? The movie was already 40 minutes in. I quickly took a seat and checked the time on my ticket and then the time on my phone. The time was literally 12:43, and the movie was supposed to start at 12:50.

How do I know it was at least 40 minutes in? EASY! Tris was already in Dauntless training, it was the scene (SPOILERS!!!) before she looks at where she stands on the board of other recruits. So basically I missed the introduction to Abnegation, the test, and recruitment day. Plus the train ride and the jump, plus a few of the beginning introductions to Dauntless. Basically I was REALLY pissed off. But I didn't say anything. Why, might you ask? Well basically the movie was so awesome that I couldn't help but just walk out of the theater and to my car in awe. That brings us to the review of this movie.

So I'm not going to cover the beginning of the movie since, as you know, I missed it (stupid theater!). Basically the movie was almost spot on to the book, the actors were great choices even if I kind of didn't like Theo for Four at first. He grew on me and now I really really want to watch more stuff with him in it. Shae was very good as Tris, which surprised me. I wasn't sure about her since she mostly plays girl next door characters who are sweet and kind. She played a BAD ASS Tris. I mean really bad ass. She nailed the character spot on and delivered a Tris I could be proud of and say "yeah, that's Tris alright". The romance between Four and Tris was VERY downplayed, I felt that in the book it was a little more romantic but they did have chemistry. It was just downplayed chemistry!

With that being said I'm going to move on to the costumes. THEY WERE GREAT! Very easy for Cosplayers like myself to replicate without breaking the bank. I actually went home and changed into similar clothing that are right for a Dauntless member, now all I need is to go to Hot Topic and pick up the temporary tattoos they have for the movie! The Erudite costumes where very much BLUE, very blue. And they were in a lab coat type fashion which I felt fit perfectly. Abnegation's clothing was very reserved but I felt bulky, with lots and lots of layers especially for the woman. I don't know it just didn't fit what I thought they'd wear, but it did work. The other Factions I didn't get to see much of which kind of sucked but oh well. I bet they were spot on as well!

Now I'm going to move onto sets... They were awesome. Futuristic Dystopian Chicago was very much like I imagined it, especially the Dauntless Faction. The fence/wall was very cool as well and reminded me a lot of how I pictured the fences in The Forest of Hands and Teeth (which is an amazing zombie Dystopian book). The Ferris Wheel was really really awesome, as well as the tattoo place! I was amazed at how gothic they made the tattoo parlor, very dark with lots of red lights. The tattoos in Divergent were amazing, Tris's being simple and Four's being really intricate and beautiful showing off how much he wants to be not just one aspect of one faction but all aspects of all factions.

I think my favorite scene in the entire movie was the zip-lining scene, it was so beautiful but yet suspenseful especially towards the ending of it. But I felt like I was up there with Tris zipping down Chicago, flying like a bird. It was just breathtakingly beautiful.

The entire movie gets 5 points for beauty, 4 for sticking to the book, and 5 for keeping me entertained for a total of 14 points. GOOD JOB DIVERGENT!!!

Now I can't wait for Insurgent to come out...

Well that's all for now, keep on the look out for my review of the book Royal Affliction by Jennifer A. Marsh! Until next time!!

Friday, March 21, 2014


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