Monday, June 22, 2015

Pay it Forward Ella Fox Flash Sale! Save Yaya's Home!

For 2 days Ella Fox will be donating all of the proceeds from the sale of the Strictly Temporary Volumes One & Two book to the amazing Yaya of the After Dark blog.

Strictly Temporary - The Complete Series
99 Cents

Amazon US
Amazon UK
Amazon AU

Like far, far too many women, YaYa is now in the position of being both mother and father to her four young children. She NEEDS to save her home so that the children don't need to go through any more upheaval.

If you're inclined to donate to YaYa's save the house fund, please visit this page.

There are other authors also doing Flash Sales to benefit Yaya.
Here are the links to their great books.

Heights of Desire by Mara White:

Bender by M. Stratton:

Ancient Hunger by Arden Aoide:

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