Monday, July 7, 2014

Dangerous Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

This review has been sitting here for awhile waiting to be posted, so I'm very very sorry for that. But without any more waiting here it is.

I've been a follower of this series only after I found out about a movie one year before it came out, I fell in love with it! So it was only logical I'd follow my favorite Siren on an adventure into my home turf, New York, with her Linkubus for a whole new brand of trouble! And MAN was it TROUBLE! Filled with new characters, a sexy new Caster who's just... Wow. He's amazingly awesome and I love him but no spoilers yeah? Okay! But anyway this boy healed the broken pieces of my heart Kami and Margaret left when they (spoilers) killed off my yummyness Larkin. So there's the plus for that, right? Of course!

I ate this book up, it was wonderful. The plot was great and they really captured what New York is like, sometimes I did wonder if Dark and Light Casters (but mostly Dark) wandered around the city making the strange things that happen everyday well... Happen! My New York was portrayed perfectly in this story, just like I had remembered it. And of course you know Rid brought the sass AND the glamor as always to this book. Link was Link, just as he always is only this time more rock and roll! (if that names any sense)

Anyway over-all this book is worth reading especially if you like Ridley, New York, Link, and sexy awesome hot dudes. So go check out this book alright?! ~winks~

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