Friday, June 20, 2014

Why cosplayers shouldn't get their cosplays dry cleaned.

So when I attended AnimeNext on Saturday I wore my Tsunade cosplay. My cousin had bought me ramune to drink and I asked my friend who was cosplaying as Kirito to open it for me since I couldn't move out of my chair to do it myself (my feet were killing me). He opened it for me and it exploded all over me, which is not his fault at all!

I said "Well okay no real biggie" and when I got home put it aside to bring to the dry cleaners. This past Sunday I dropped off that cosplay, a gown, and my Princess Serenity cosplay to be dry cleaned. I picked up my order on Tuesday and upon returning home and unpacking everything noticed that my Tsunade jacket was completely ruined. The emblem that is on the back of the jacket was puckered and torn in places, so now that part of the cosplay is completely ruined. I was upset and went back to the cleaners who informed me that it wasn't their fault, I asked for them to clean it and that's what they did. My advice to all of you cosplayers now is: don't dry clean your things unless you have to and even then be very careful. If your cosplay consists of something that could possibly be ruined by heat, water, etc. then hand wash it yourself since only then can you actually be able to be careful of the places that could be ruined.

That was my fun, has anyone had a similar experience? Feel free to share!

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