Thursday, June 19, 2014

City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare

Finally I'm getting around to writing a review for this. I had gotten this a few days after it came out from the event she went to in PA. Right after that I started reading it, taking my time to get through it and fangirling over scenes with Magnus and Alec (or Magnus, or Alec).

Okay now that that's out of the way let me get into reviewing this mass of a book. So besides fangirling over scenes where Malec were concerned (and listening to First Love by Utada Hikaru which fits them so perfectly!) I fangirled over Luke, and Sebastian... Because those are my two guys. They're awesome even if one is evil.

So to some of the stuff in the book... It was awesome to read about the twists and betrayals that were put into place by Sebastian especially because of the fact that the others didn't know about it until it was almost too late. Jace was as sexy as ever which is obviously no surprise since he's always sexy, period end of discussion. Clary was also as awesome as ever and it was nice to see how she would do anything for Jace which we already knew but was pushed back into our faces throughout the book.

Now onto the ending of the book... Wow. Amazingly awesome and I can't believe what happened. I can't say WHAT happens since that would give everything away and be totally unfair to those who haven't read and or finished the book. Let's just say that the person who dies isn't who you think it will be. Oh and if you didn't know someone was going to die then... Sorry to spoil that but now you have something to obsess over until you finish the book.

I can't wait for the Dark Artifices series because I just know it's going to be epic!

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