Friday, June 20, 2014

Delirium Pilot

So after 41 minutes of screaming at my computer I finished watching the Delirium Pilot. The actors were great and dedicated to their roles but I didn't like how they went about this series. The Pilot basically skimmed over the entire first book and parts of the second book, normally this isn't done when a book is being turned into a TV series as seen with True Blood, PLL, and Liars Game. (or even Vampire Diaries) Honestly I would love to see where this would have gone but am at the same time very happy that it wasn't picked up to be a show with more than one episode. How can you have a successful show when you went over most of your material in the Pilot episode?!

Overall I wasn't too impressed with the show as a whole, but the sets that they used, the clothing, and the actors made it very promising. The music that was used was very nice and I enjoyed the little twist with Lena's father was very interesting considering it was originally (in the book) a twist with her MOTHER. The Delirium Pilot is free to watch on Hulu's website so go check it out for yourself, hopefully you will appreciate it like I did (or more-so then I did).

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