Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Night Pleasures by Sherrilyn Kenyon

I've been reading Sherrilyn's books recently ever since I stumbled upon the Chronicles of Nick about a year ago. Night Pleasures is the first "official" book in the Dark-Hunters series which follows those characters we love from Nick's series in all of their glory, and even some characters we've not yet heard of. The first book in this series is called Fantasy Lover but I have yet to get my hands on that one, unfortunately.

Night Pleasures is all about our main man Kyrian and Nick even makes an appearance!! Kyrian unfortunately gets chained to this girl named Amanda who is from a wiccan family, Tabitha's family. Yep that's right! Amanda is twin sister to Tabitha which is why she gets linked to Kyrian, because of mistaken identity. Now Amanda is dragged into the one world that she didn't want to be in.

This book brought what we love about the Chronicles of Nick and turned it into something fans young and old (more on the more mature side than anything since this is an adult novel) can love. With Kyrian fighting not only demons but his own past this made for one heck of a book. This book has many dark aspects to it and some history which I love, especially since it delves into Greek myth and history which holds a special place in my heart. Over-all I give it a four out of five stars for keeping my interest and having such a cool story line with a great cast of characters. Amanda isn't just some damsel in distress which is great, but is a bit whiny in my opinion. That was probably my only problem with this story. Of course Kyrian never disappoints in this novel and if you love him you'll love this book.

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