Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Oceanborn by Amalie Howard

This book was sent to me at my request from the publisher, which I am truly grateful for. I love this series and I especially love books by Amalie because she always delivers a book that entertains. This second book in the Aquarathi series had so many twists in it, new characters, and even new betrayals. Our favorite girl Nerissa, newly crowned Queen but not yet having her peoples full faith, has to once again leave her homeland to help Lo who has become sick. She finds that not only is Lo sick but he has no memory of her or of what he is. Now in a race against the clock she must find a cure, but something sinister lurks behind what's wrong with Lo. She must side with an enemy who only wants the best for Lo, and together they will save him from whatever sickness has plagued him.

But behind this there is something else lurking in the waters, ready to strike. But you'll just have to read the book to find out what THAT is!! This book was a total roller coaster of awesomeness. I give it a four out of five for character development, story development, and of course because it brings back together a cast of characters that I love.

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