Wednesday, May 28, 2014

CloverCon 2014

So after a week of recovering from this amazing con I am finally able to talk about it! Yay!

So this marked my fourth year as a Staff member at CloverCon and wow! We've grown so much since out first year that it just astounds me. I had an Artist Alley table selling my homemade/handcrafted goodies (I was the pink fluff selling pokemon chocolates). My cosplay, Mew from Pokemon that my friend Lishia made for me, went over really well and I won "Most Energetic" in the Cosplay Catwalk which was very awesome.

Nothing to complain about there!! My cosplay panel (Cosplay 101) went great this year, even though we started earlier than planned. We had a great audience and I hope that if you got a chance to see the panel you walked out of there with some new found knowledge that will help you grow as a cosplayer!

That's basically it I think... Yep! Next weekend I will be attending AnimeNext so hopefully I'll have some cool stories to share with you all. Thank you again for reading this, if you were at CloverCon please comment and tell me what you thought!

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