Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Oh My Goodness I've Been Gone for Too Long!!

Wow so it's May, and I was supposed to post a bunch of reviews but I never got around to them... Now I have to go back, dig out those books, and write reviews. Alright well I'm going to start with two that I recently read so those will be up soon as well as a review on the acoustic version of "This is Gospel" by Panic! At The Disco. So stay tuned for that because it's coming in... A few minutes. Anyway an update!! So I'm going to have a table at CloverCon which is a mini anime convention in New Jersey so that's going to be fun (NO IT'S NOT!! I'M DYING! CHOCOLATE EVERYWHERE...) Then on the 28th I'll hopefully be going to Teen Author Carnival in New York (YAY!! Jennifer L. Armentrout!! I love her... Her books are awesome!). And finally!!! On the 30th I'll be going to the Cassandra Clare book signing in PA!!! YAY!! Oh my I'm super excited for that, seriously. I have my ticket purchased and I can't wait. Which means YES I AM going to be getting my hands on City of Heavenly Fire so I'll post a picture of that. Then from June 6th-8th I'll be attending AnimeNext which will be fun, my 4th year going to that. Anyway that's my update.

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