Thursday, May 29, 2014

Teen Author Carnival 2014

So after an hour sitting in traffic in NY I was able to make it to Teen Author Carnival (a little late, but I still got there). All I have to say is WOW! Finally I got to meet authors that I've been reading for awhile, chatting with them and of course asking them to sign books. I attended the Us VS. Them panel which was loads of fun. Julie Kagawa's answer to one question "What would God say, if he existed, about your books" was truly the best answer ever. She said that God would say the following: "I need you to write the next chapter of the bible." then she stated afterwords "Just think about it: Mathew, Mark, Luke, John, Julie!" Truly that was THE best answer. Jennifer L. Armentrout's response to "What's your favorite word right now" was hilarious as well, "Banana". Now I'm one to laugh (every time) when someone says "pudding" so I can relate to banana being someone's favorite word (at least for right now).

After the panel I was given a free bag which had four ARCs in it, which I was completely blown away by and immediately started reading today. Besides that, the panel, and the book signing I was able to have a very awesome conversation with Julie and Jennifer, about things from monster movies (Cloverfield) to traffic. Julie commented that she loved my Kingdom Hearts shirt that I was wearing, and of course I loved her Stitch t-shirt with Stitch dressing as Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon. It was super adorable and as a huge Stitch fan I want the shirt now myself. I also got to talk to Cara Lynn Shultz about the awesomeness of Wawa and New York, as well as how since I'm from New York and since I never know what to say I can forgive her for not knowing what to write when personalizing books she signs. Then I talked with Lenore Applehans who had amazing German chocolate with her (I've missed that chocolate since my very last German class where my teacher gave the class a whole bunch of awesome German chocolate). We were talking about museums in New York and yes, indeed Lenore if you're reading this that phrase you told me about 'mossy caverns' did haunt me that night. I still don't know why someone would write that and then put it in a museum where little children might read it.

Besides that I rushed over to the Union Square Barnes and Noble to the Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl book signing, which was awesome! They were super nice and personalized each of my Beautiful Creature series books, as well as my Dangerous Creatures book that I had picked up last week. I was also able to snag a book poster from them, which they signed as well, which made my day even better.

Overall I had an awesome day and can't wait for tomorrow when I go to the Cassandra Clare book signing for City of Heavenly Fire. Until next time, keep reading!

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