Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Only Boy by Jordan Locke

Jordan Locke contacted me and asked if I would like a free e-book copy of this book in exchange for a review, of course I jumped at the chance and quickly read through the book so I could get a review out in a timely manner.

Fans of the Eve trilogy and The Maze Runner trilogy will fawn over this book with it's distinct similarities and differences from other dystopians that we love. Overall I loved this book, it was a different take on the idea of a mass extinction with old ideas that were nice to get a new spin on. I liked how this book was in the two main characters perspectives, even if I would have liked it in a third person narrative so we could get a little more knowledge of life in Section 1 after a distinct change in the book. This book does need to be gone over again and grammar checked since there were still some mistakes that I caught onto which slightly took away from the book. But no one is perfect and can catch every little mistake made without multiple eyes scanning over it.

I liked this dystopian novel for the simple fact that we really don't see a lot of dystopians in a male's POV. The Maze Runner and Match trilogies are the only recent(ish) ones I've read with that dual perspective (or singular perspective as shown in Maze Runner). I think with some cleaning up and a second installment (or even an edited version of this with extra chapters maybe?) showing specifically WHY Taylor is so special (which is briefly touched upon but not really explained all that well) I believe it could only add to this work and not take away from it.

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